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Brackenbury Restaurant




'Franco-Italian food served in an odd shaped restaurant'

In these troubled times when the stormy winds of sadness threaten to rip apart the windbreaks of our minds and the choppy waters of despair are breaching our emotional dykes there is no doubt that we need a respite, a haven where one can park one's metaphorical car of troubles outside and step into the warm (metaphorical) embrace of Hospitality. 

The Brackenbury is such a haven. Situated at the fashionable end of Brackenbury road, the stretch that locals refer to as 'Rodeo Drive', the Brackenbury is a small neighbourhood restaurant. 'Small' on account of its size and 'local' because it is extremely local to its location in the locality. 

Originally opened in 1489 by Sir Robert Brackenbury (who was the former warden of the Tower), the restaurant has been at the forefront of what can only be described as hospitality excellence since then. 

A place for all occasions: for a quick mid week solo lunch to a festive Saturday evening feast with friends; from joyful christenings to sad but necessary funerals - come to celebrate/commemorate the landmarks of your life/death at The Brackenbury

Brackenbury Restaurant

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Find Us

129-131 Brackenbury Rd,
London W6 0BQ

020 8741 4928

'Where good ingredients are sacrificed at the alter of Bacchus'

'The complimentary filtered water was outstanding'

'Not just a restaurant but a way of life'

'A pleasant experience'



Opening hours: Lunch: 12.00-2.30pm 

Dinner: 6.30-9.30pm

Closed All Day Monday & Sunday

'A refuge from the stormy winds of reality'


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